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 EYC Lights Parade - December 13th

There are 54 shopping days until Christmas -- no sweat.  However, there are only 42 days until the annual EYC Lights Parade.  The concept of Club Beneteau entering this traditional event has been bantered about for a few years.  However, this year at the Post Boat Show Party, it seems as though we have reached critical mass.  Mike and Tammy Everitt have graciously volunteered their boat Bleu Flue to participate and a number of members have agreed to volunteer to take on this monumental task.  We can really use additional help however and hope you'll join us.  Immediately following the fall luncheon at O'Leary's, we'll have a planning meeting outlining the theme, what we'll need, schedule, etc.  Won't you help us in featuring Club Beneteau in this year's Lights Parade extravaganza. 

Look forward to seeing you there!



Portsmouth/Norfolk, Dismal Swamp, Elizabeth City, Virginia Cut, Cape Charles
 Another Great Video from: Robert Wuyts & 1st Mate Ulrich Boegli
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