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Club Beneteau Chesapeake Bay
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CB2 Fleets


Club Beneteau Chesapeake Bay (CB2) covers the entire Chesapeake Bay (an area of over 2,500 total square miles*) to include all inland tributaries between the State line of Maryland and Delaware on the Chesapeake and Delaware canal (C&D Canal) and the State line of North Carolina and Virginia, but not East of the Cape May – Cape Charles line.  


In order to provide activities to all CB2 members regardless of their location, the club has established a system of fleets.  Currently there are two fleets, the Northern Fleet and the Central Fleet.  Each fleet is overseen by a Rear Commodore elected by the entire membership of the club.  The Rear Commodore of the fleets are as follows:


Northern Fleet

Rear Commodore Marty Fetsch
Rear Commodore Northern Fleet

Central Fleet

Rear Commodore Chuck Smith
Rear Commodore Central Fleet


All members are welcome to participate in all club activities regardless of fleet.  If you have questions about the particular fleets, please contact the respective Rear Commodore.


*  The Chesapeake Bay is 185 miles long, 30 miles wide at its widest, 174 feet deep at its deepest and holds 18 trillion gallons of water.